DAY 4 

My god I am bored now!! Today I haven’t been feeling any pain just very uncomfortable. Luckily, as I haven’t been bleeding, I can get away with not wearing any underware and just wearing pyjama bottoms but as soon as they rub, there is definitely an uncomfortable feeling.  If I get up to do some jobs or whatever I start to feel dizzy and end up going back to bed to rest. I have also been getting a tightening feeling down there which I think must be it healing (hopefully).  In other posts I have read about getting labiaplasty, some … Continue reading DAY 4 

DAY 3 

So today I have been feeling slightly more discomfort. I slept well last night which was good and had a shower when I woke up.  I went out for the first time today, just in the car with my mum driving and as soon as I went out I felt a bit dizzy and faint. I definitely feel better just resting up in bed!  I also had my first salt bath tonight and I’m not quite sure if I thought it helped or not?? I’m sure I wouldn’t know straight after anyway. Only thing I would say is I felt … Continue reading DAY 3 

DAY 2 – resting up at home

From what I have researched and read I was fully prepared to be in some serious pain on day 2. Touch wood, I haven’t really had any at all. I am sure the pain may start to come maybe tomorrow or the next day but day 2 I haven’t really had any.  This morning I had my first shower. I still didn’t want to look, I know I’m sure it sounds silly so I just hairdryer the area dry after my shower had finished. I didn’t use any bubbles or anything.  One thing I have found today is that I … Continue reading DAY 2 – resting up at home

Operation day – DAY 1

I had to be at hospital for 7:45 so after getting up early and having a bath I then got changed into some comfortable baggy jogging bottoms that I knew I would be able to wear home.  I hadn’t eaten or drink anything since 22:00 the previous night so my throat felt quite dry when I woke up. We headed to the hospital and I felt very nervous. Even though it’s something I obviously really wanted done I still felt so scared that it was actually happening.  I singed in and they took me through to a ward with other … Continue reading Operation day – DAY 1

The lead up and day before my surgery…

On this blog I won’t go into too many details about why I needed this surgery done but if you are reading this because you want it done, I’m guessing you understand how having this problem (I do understand some people don’t see it as a problem) can make everyday life very uncomfortable. Some people may argue its for vanity reasons but this was not me. And who really cares what other people think? This is your body and who knows your body and things affect you, more than you do? I went to my doctors at the age of … Continue reading The lead up and day before my surgery…

Why write a blog about my operation?

If you are considering this operation and you are unsure whether to go ahead with it or not, you probably, like me are researching story, after story, after story of people’s experiences! I found many stories that really helped me, however a lot of them were people who had it surgery done in America and I wanted to know about ones that happened in the UK. I am not sure why I felt this would help but I think some factors can be different i.e costs, surgeons and products. A factor about my surgery is that is was performed on … Continue reading Why write a blog about my operation?