DAY 4 

My god I am bored now!! Today I haven’t been feeling any pain just very uncomfortable. Luckily, as I haven’t been bleeding, I can get away with not wearing any underware and just wearing pyjama bottoms but as soon as they rub, there is definitely an uncomfortable feeling. 

If I get up to do some jobs or whatever I start to feel dizzy and end up going back to bed to rest. I have also been getting a tightening feeling down there which I think must be it healing (hopefully). 

In other posts I have read about getting labiaplasty, some people said they went back to work like 2 days later. Everybody is different but I haven’t been getting much pain but could not imagine going back to work, lying down seems to be the only comfortable position! 

I am continuing to take showers daily and pat with a flannel after going for a wee. I think toilet paper would be too rough on it at the moment. Also I am continuing to use the hair dryer after I get wet to dry the area. 
A lot of reviews also said people came on their periods straight after the operation. I could not imagine having that to deal with Aswel as feeling like this. I would strongly recommend to people to go to their doctors before the operation and like me get put onto a contraceptive pill that doesn’t have a high risk of clotting (for the operation). My doctor said to continue taking this pill for 2 weeks after my operation to help the area heal to begin with.



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