DAY 3 

So today I have been feeling slightly more discomfort. I slept well last night which was good and had a shower when I woke up. 

I went out for the first time today, just in the car with my mum driving and as soon as I went out I felt a bit dizzy and faint. I definitely feel better just resting up in bed! 

I also had my first salt bath tonight and I’m not quite sure if I thought it helped or not?? I’m sure I wouldn’t know straight after anyway. Only thing I would say is I felt more swollen after the bath than I have done since having the operation. He only tablets I have taken today are 2 lots of anti inflammatorys and 1 painkiller so far. 

I had a tiny tiny bit of blood today but it was a very light colour. I think it’s all starting to heal as its feeling tighter and a tiny bit itchy with other reviews have said is because the stitches are healing. I also had a look today, by accident, as I was in front of the mirror!! I am obviously still swollen but it’s really nice to see no extra skin!! Haha 

Please please ask any questions you may have. I honestly do understand the whole process and undecideness or whether to go through this or not. 



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