Operation day – DAY 1

I had to be at hospital for 7:45 so after getting up early and having a bath I then got changed into some comfortable baggy jogging bottoms that I knew I would be able to wear home. 

I hadn’t eaten or drink anything since 22:00 the previous night so my throat felt quite dry when I woke up. We headed to the hospital and I felt very nervous. Even though it’s something I obviously really wanted done I still felt so scared that it was actually happening. 

I singed in and they took me through to a ward with other ladies on. (I think some people prefer to go private so you get your own room). The nurse checked all my details and took a urine sample (to check you aren’t pregnant) and then asked me to get into my gown. The anaesthetist then came round and asked me questions and then my surgeon came round. She gave me a chance to ask her any questions I had and explained again what she was going to and what I was to expect. Next the nurse came round with some tablets for me to take and my stockings (not very sexy) and said I would be next to go down. 

I ended up being taken at 08:45 so I really didn’t have to wait long at all. The nurse who was absolutely lovely saw the fear I had (as well as the tears running down my face) and promised to look after me. After going into the anastheic room they put a cannula in my hand and the next thing I new I was in recovery wondering where the hell I had been!!

I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort down there, it was just my throat that felt sore from the breathing tube. They then wheeled me back to ward and back to my mum. After a quick check the nurse then asked me to get dressed and she said I could be discharged after I had done a wee (easier said than done when you haven’t drunk since 22pm the night before!). I probably tried about 6 times altogether to go for a wee but had no success until the 6th time. 

My surgeon then came round and said she was very happy with how things had gone and went over again what I could expect. She said about showering and bathing, that both are fine the day after. She also said what to expect from the stitching and that they should just dissolve away on their own. She also said she had put some local anastheic down below so that should stop the pain for most of today. 

I was then allowed to go home with the instructions to take painkillers every 4 hours and anti inflammatory sever 4 hours in between to help the swelling. They also said recovery should take about 4 weeks in total. Luckily I have 2 weeks off work! On the way home I was sick from taking all he drugs on an empty stomach and probably drowning my tummy with water ha!!! So make sure the person taking you home knows how you’re feeling. I think I would also recommend taking a pillow in the car with you as I forgot this and it would have been nice to have one. 

Today being day 1 I actually have to say I haven’t had any real pain at all. I have the odd twinge but that’s all. If I am lying flat on back I can’t feel anything at all, it’s just walking/waddling that can feel a bit funny and turning over in bed. 

When going for a wee it hasn’t stung until after I have finished really. I have been using a wet flannel to dab onto me instead of using toilet roll which can be too rough. I then hair dryer myself with the hairdryer to make sure the area is dry. 

On the bleeding front, I read a lot of reviews before on the internet where girls said they would stain the bed with blood after the surgery and that the toilet would then be full of blood and their pads. I haven’t found this at all (and maybe it’s still to come) but definitely today I have been wearing a pad and there have been tiny spots of blood. I change the pad every time I go to toilet so there is no risk of infection (I hope!)

I slept for around an hour an a half from 15:00-16:30 but apart from that I haven’t slept again. 

The main problem I have found today is the fact that I haven’t slept all night, hence the fact I’m writing this at 04:30 am! I just don’t feel tired at all and when I researched it some people say a general anaesthetic can have that affect! Hopefully I will sleep tomorrow! 
I also completely forgot to write the most important part. Unlike other people who said they looked down and cried they were so happy…. I haven’t even looked. I can’t bring myself at all to look. I’m not sure why but I really don’t feel ready. The surgeon did say you probably don’t want to look yet but I am so scared at looking. I am not sure if anyone else found this? If so when did you first look? Like how many days after? 


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