DAY 2 – resting up at home

From what I have researched and read I was fully prepared to be in some serious pain on day 2. Touch wood, I haven’t really had any at all. I am sure the pain may start to come maybe tomorrow or the next day but day 2 I haven’t really had any. 

This morning I had my first shower. I still didn’t want to look, I know I’m sure it sounds silly so I just hairdryer the area dry after my shower had finished. I didn’t use any bubbles or anything. 

One thing I have found today is that I feel very emotional. I think it’s lack of sleep combined with General anastheic and the stress but I have found myself crying a few times, not really knowing why! I think with this operation it’s something you see everyday on your body and you hate for so long that when the operation is finally over and done with you feel slight relieve but also scared to see what your new body will be like. 

I had some anti inflammatorys this morning but apart from that I haven’t had any pain killers … Yet. I have been feeling discomfort, almost like you have a ball down there and you can’t shut your legs together otherwise it feels funny. I have let the air get to the stitches today to help heeling and I haven’t had any bleeding.

I will let you know if I get any pain tonight, but so far so good! Let’s hope tomorrow I feel ready to actually look 🙂


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