Why write a blog about my operation?

If you are considering this operation and you are unsure whether to go ahead with it or not, you probably, like me are researching story, after story, after story of people’s experiences!

I found many stories that really helped me, however a lot of them were people who had it surgery done in America and I wanted to know about ones that happened in the UK. I am not sure why I felt this would help but I think some factors can be different i.e costs, surgeons and products. A factor about my surgery is that is was performed on the NHS.

The most helpful stories I found were the ones where people went into detail (don’t worry I won’t go into too much) and the ones were people were honest about how they felt.

Starting this blog writing about the day before my surgery and the lead up, I’m going to let you guys know from the beginning how I felt and what my experience was like.


Please feel free to ask any questions, as I found when scrolling through other people’s experiences they were all performed a long time ago and questions I wanted to ask I sort of felt I couldn’t as they had the surgery was so far in the past. 

If I can help one person or atleast answer any questions (however embarrassing you think they are) then this blog will be worth it 🙂

Hope this helps 🙂


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