The lead up and day before my surgery…

On this blog I won’t go into too many details about why I needed this surgery done but if you are reading this because you want it done, I’m guessing you understand how having this problem (I do understand some people don’t see it as a problem) can make everyday life very uncomfortable. Some people may argue its for vanity reasons but this was not me. And who really cares what other people think? This is your body and who knows your body and things affect you, more than you do?

I went to my doctors at the age of 18 saying how this problem affects me and how much pain it causes. She referred me to the local hospital gynaecology department to see if I was eligible for Labia reduction and they came back saying that I was too young and that it’s more of a physiological problem. (What did they know?!) I went away feeling very down and thinking that there was not a chance in hell that I would ever get this sorted.

Years went by.. Still feeling pain and discomfort and embarrassment but I still thought there was no chance I would get surgery. After feeling really fed up I bit the bullet again and booked a doctors appointment to go and beg my doctor to see f I could be referred again. It was mid 2015 when I booked my appointment, during which I also asked her for a recommendation of private doctor as I thought if I knew a price I could try my best to save up. She said she would try and get me referred through the NHS again as there is some funding for this problem. After months (literally months and months and months) she said the NHS would agree to review me again (thank the Lord). The NHS said then would need measurements and that it would go to panel to see if I was eligible. My doctor had to write a very long letter stating how it affects me every day and really highlight the problems I was having. Months went by again and one evening I got a call from my doctor who was ecstatic to tell me I had received funding and that I would then get a letter from the NHS stating the date of my consultation.

At the consultation I had a meeting with the surgeon who then gave me a date for the operation and pre op. I was so happy and couldn’t quite believe this was happening. Although I have wanted this for ever I still felt every nervous that it was actually happening and excited at the same time!


In the lead up to my operation I had a pre op where they literally take your blood pressure and swab you for MRSA and that was it.

I carried on reading up on previous experiences and made a list of things I should buy that other people said had helped them. I will let you know about how and if these things worked for me.

This list was:

  • Sea salt (for salt baths)
  • Ice packs
  • Arinca tablets
  • Pain Killers
  • Ibuprofen
  • BIG knickers!!!
  • Pads (for bleeding)
  • Face cloths/flannels ( to wipe with after weeing)
  •  New pyjamas (my own idea- who doesn’t like fresh pyjamas)
  • Loose fitting jogging bottoms for after surgery


The night before my operation I felt really nervous but actually quite excited. I had never had an operation before so there was a huge fear of the unknown and more than anything it was the GENERAL anesthic I was scared of. I had visions of being wheeled into a bright theatre and having to spread eagle in front of lots of theatre staff before being put under. Silly I know but some of the stories I read from the USA  said they had to do this and you had to leave your dignity at the door, this did not happen in case and the staff were amazing the whole way through.

I wasn’t 100% sure what I should take to my operation but I knew the most important thing was my Mum. You should definitely have someone there with you.

In my bag I packed:

  • Spare knickers
  • Pads
  • All my hospital letters
  • A book (there can be waiting times)
  • My medication I was on


As before please feel free to ask me any questions 🙂


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